To know we are on track…

As I have been going through the last few days I have had the most profound experience of understanding who I am. I have opened up a door that I will never walk back through in whom and what I am. I, like everyone, have a voice that had such a hold on me. Mine was one that as I walked into my life of teacher,actually held such a tight hold on me I almost made the choice not go any farther.

I have had an encounter with an old/ new friend that has changed the very face of who I am. There has been such insight about the old me that was so cool. There were parts of me that I stored away like an old blanket. In so doing, I discovered I packed away pieces of myself that were so vibrant, that were the essence of my very core.

The very walk I intended on doing would not have been able to be accomplished. I am so in awe of the beauty that I have found and the truth that has been standing just beside me. I could feel glimpses of the truth. I knew I was close, but we were parallel so I would never have been able to find me.

Never give up on yourself! It is with the most profound truth, I walk forward to share what it is to touch the face of your God. You will never be the same again. There is a light that once it is lit you feel it course through your veins. Nothing will be quite the same for you as before.

It is possible… it is here. It is on this plane of existence. It is for all of us to have and enjoy. It was never intended to be held out to us for some afterlife experience. I have found it.  What is it? It is the joy of Truth, Universal Truth. That we are supposed to be able to express true joy, yes here right now during our lifetime. Not after. Right here . Right Now.

I would like to help anyone who is also in search of this same experience.

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