To have true freewill one must be very focused

focusI have come to feel the easiest way for me to continue on my path is when I always stand in the truth of why I am on that path in the first place.

You will find that you will have moments when you have spent an intense time in working with spirit and your soul is rejoicing. For example, let’s say you were at one of my three day seminars and you were spinning high. You left and your heart feels so good, your mind says, “This is the way I desire to feel each moment of everyday”.

The longer away from the seminar you go the harder it is not to fall back into the same old way of thinking. As soon as you do that you begin feeling the same way you did about your choices and your life as before the seminar. That is simply because you have not learned the tools to evaluate each and every one of your choices. The wonder happens when you are doing the evaluation in the proper sequence of each and every one of your creations.

When one begins the walk of learning totally about the concept of SELF, where do you go? Does one become totally self absorbed to the exclusion of anyone else in your world? Does ‘Self is Necessary’ mean that you have to do all things by yourself?

These are questions, that for each one of us, is answered differently. How can that be? Well, it is the truth. The one thing that is the same for all of us is simply the sequence that we take to find our very own truth. That is why some have success in some programs, and others find success in others.

We all came here on a mathematical equation. We did that so that even though there are billions of people on this planet we could have a distinctly different experience. There is no divine source telling you can, or you can not. That is not the truth. Just like there is no divine source telling you that because of a choice you made you will not find change. That is not the case either. Those kinds of words were used to have large groups of people under the control of one very small group.

Now, I am not saying that you do not find wonderful and lovely people everywhere. The fact is, you do. Yet when you do, you will find they have found how to follow their hearts and not the mainstream teachings of this world. Do not get yourself caught in mainstream catch phrases… they are the doom of your free choices in finding the truth about yourself. They are used as a tool to have many repeat the phrase without the true understanding of the vibration of the words they are using. It can look like they are promoting a common thought when it is actually holding people in a pattern of no forward movement.

To have true freewill one must be very focused, and unwilling to use the common thoughts floating by us. We must learn that freewill is about being deliberate and always knowing that each and every choice we make brings a piece of our soul here to join us… or puts a piece of our soul back in the 5th dimension, bringing us closer to passing from this plane and going back home to 5th dimension.

It has always been the desire of all of us to bring our souls here. It is getting lost in the common thread of thought that makes us not the same as we are in the 5th dimension. At first it is hard to get used to thinking in a  new way. A way that differs from the things that keep us stuck in concepts that really are designed to promote fear and failure. The hundreds of ads we listen to each day through radio, television, and print, support our staying stuck, instead of our expansion.

Use your heart, listen to the truth of it, you will see the truth. You will see the ease of walking in true harmony of your soul with the Earth.You will feel in your heart that if you simply take a focused look, and make one simple choice for that moment, the rest of your life changes and it changes dramatically. Invite into your heart the things you desire to experience instead of pushing away from you what you desire.

Feel your heart soaring for the truth and when you find it, sit in it, feel it, and as you begin to have a very secret smile, know that secret smile changes your life from one moment to the next. It does… just invite it in my friends.

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