To have the fun of physical expression

cat-sees-lion-mirrorWell I just went through a weekend with a wonderful group of women where we have one on one sessions as a group to work on concepts and ideas, beliefs that are putting a block in front of us and removing them to be able to walk free and whole into our daily lives.

We were working on communications. I am sure if you are following along with my blogs you are seeing a theme of working on the difference between talking to yourself vs communicating the truth to yourself that allows you to see how your decisions, and then the follow up by your choices, does make such a total difference with how you see your life begin to unfold before your eyes.

How your eyes open up to possibilities that were always there right in front of you but you because of your talking to yourself about your opinions and ideas your beliefs you never allowed yourself to tell your story of your life differently. In communing with the Internal you and bringing in love that flows from the core of your heart you will begin to see that there was another way to look, feel, and walk your story.

That at any given moment within that story you call your life you could have taken a step back… taken a deep breath… asked the Internal god source to give you solace and guidance and you would have seen a step, a door, an avenue, for you to take that would have given you a totally different experience within the very experience you had.

You should be asking yourself right now, ‘How is that possible?’ Well it is possible, and it is possible for you and anyone else who is truly looking for the way to have Internal peace without sacrificing having a life that is full of fun, excitement, adventure, pleasure, joy, and happiness. You get to have it all. You just want to choose communication with yourself in the Universal Truth and not about what other people say that the rules and the roles are that you must play by.

This plane of existence was created by all of us to have the fun of physical expression. It was not created to have any kind of emotion hold you hostage. Emotion… pain, unhappiness, sadness… all those things were simply a mechanism we, the all gods, created to give ourselves a very recognizable signal that we were not following that mathematical equation that we set up with the purpose of the experience we desired before our birth.



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