To fully hold the fact that you are the creating god force in your world

looking-at-horizonWhen you are walking in the truth you are going to feel like you are always being tested. For a very long time will say to yourself, “Why me? Why do I always have to understand? Why do I always have to give?” Do you hear these words? Have you felt these words? Yes?

Well then hear me when I say it is simply because you are still walking outside of yourself. Yes, it is in the very slight area of not fully taking the accountability and the responsibility to fully hold the fact that you are the creating god force in your world and the only one. So if you know you have been sitting in a feeling and it simply did not come your way then you must break down that one tiny little seed of doubt.

That is right. You had a tiny seed of doubt somewhere in your equation. You had an expectation on another god being. That is where you faltered and fell down. It is not that you do not get to have people in your world, you just have to recognize that you cannot be in control of their actions so if you factor them into your equation then once again you have no control over how your creation will come about.

I have just shared out loud something very profound, did you read it? Did you feel it? Can you see where you are going wrong when you are creating? Can you now see why you must only factor in yourself for any and all creations?!

One of the biggest mistakes we make is factoring someone else into any or all of our creations. You are being very egotistic if for one minute you think you know someone else’s heart. If you are a parent you have already gone wrong if you factor your children in to your creation. Why could I possibly say this to you? If you are factoring in anyone, I mean anyone other than yourself, then you are not standing in the Universal Truth that you are a god creating on this planet.

That is right… you heard me. You would already know that our job with those small beings on this earth, whether or not they were born to us, is to simply teach them what you, yourself, are learning. How to recognize to sit strongly in a feeling is to create, to sit strongly in emotions and pain, self pity, self regret, etc. is to create simply all those things.

You are not doing yourself justice or them by thinking that you are doing anything for them at all. You will not get the love back you are hoping for. They will not see any of the sacrifices that you have made for them. They can not for they are not carrying your heart, your lessons, your knowings. How can they, any more than you can carry theirs.

You can only teach by example, you must learn that to be ‘selfish’ is the one thing that is totally necessary in your internal world to become successful and happy with how your world is coming about. If you are not happy, you cannot be giving out love, I do not care how much you may think you are doing so, you are not. What you are feeling, others are feeling from you.

How can I say this? It is plain and simple physics. What is sent out is the only thing that can come back. It is not that anyone gets more than you, it is simply that you have been taught by the elders before you, that there is a lack on this planet and that only a choice few can have… and you are not one of them.

There might have been a time when your young mind and heart said, “heck no, I can change the world”. What happened to that young mind? Because of not being taught by example that this world was designed to fill your every heartfelt need, you began to believe the hype of not enough.

As I tell all my clients and students, go ahead, work with me. Walk these steps of change with me. And then prove to me, and more importantly to yourself, that when your heart changes and you put only love of self and the true need of your heart first, and with positive expectancy, you will then expand and have each and every experience you desire.






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