To FEEL the Power of Choice

What is the difference between comparing your life with someone else’s life and re-evaluating your present life experience with your past life experience?

This is a question that I contemplated for a very long time. When I would look at someone else’s life through my interpretation I would feel I was left holding an empty bag. I would feel very bad that I did not have a Mother and a Father that were like Sally or Randy’s. I would wonder why my life was different… what did I do wrong that I could not have a happy home life? Why couldn’t I have the kind of 50’s family that everyone on the block seemed to be having?

I came to a point in my life where I was in deep pain and thought that I could not even bear living another day. I had to make a choice that to me, was going to destroy my home life. My Sisters, my Mother’s, but I did not know how I was going to live another day if I did not make that choice just for me. I was comparing how it was going to look to others, what would they say about me? I was in a hell… was it easier just to end it? Just to leave this planet rather than hurt my Sisters and break up what to them, was a happy family?

I was breaking inside… what was I going to do?

Have you found yourself in this kind of emotional state? Are you looking around yourself and saying, “Why is my life like this? Why am I the only one?”

When you read and see all this ‘let’s be happy’ crap around you do you then compare your life with those around you? How is that making you feel? Like screaming and raging at anyone around you? How about those people in your life? Those closest to you? How are you then responding to their life ‘crises’?

Can you see that when you compare yourself with someone else it leaves you with an emotion of “less than”?

You cannot feel the power of choice when you compare your choices with someone else’s choices. It immediately puts you into a less than or right or wrong choice mentality.

When you put your present life choices on the scale with your own past life choices you can then evaluate the feeling of old choices and what happened in your life as well as the choices you are making now in the present.

When you look at them both, past choices/present choices, from this vantage point, you can easily decide – ‘do I wish to have the same thing continue to happen in my life or am I very quietly and simply, for myself, making a different choice?’ Your clue that you did in fact make a different choice will be in the very quiet core of your heart. It will either feel better and you will then feel at peace or you will have that anxious feeling and you will know, without anyone saying anything to you, it will still not make you 100% happy.

You will know, though, that you made the choice, and you have the quiet power to make a new choice whenever you desire too.

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