To begin to see who is in charge of our Passion

Once we can see that we have  total charge of our thoughts and our stories then we can truly begin to re-write our stories and change the process that we used in the past that allowed the thoughts we had about our conditions.

When this idea first came to me I had a hard time accepting that this was truly the case. I spent much trial and error in hearing how my thoughts were the direct reason that my life experience was as it was. When I finally came to the place where I stopped defending the right to have my thoughts and stories, I began to see how they were,  and are, the very experiences that I had, and am having.

I allowed myself to see that was the very truth that I was missing. I always had the feeling that my experiences of  joy and fulfillment always just seem to miss the mark. There always seemed to be something  just not quite right. It was when I put the two concepts together that I started seeing that I really was in charge of my very happiness.

The concept of accepting a story as what really happened and that my thoughts about my story was the very thing that was in the way of my joy and fulfillment was life-changing! The day that I figured this out was the first day of a truly different life.

I am not saying that it was so very easy to achieve, for everyday I gain new insights and understandings. Yet I have had such wonderful understandings about this wonderful world that we share with one another.

It is a truth that it is totally possible to change how this world effects each of us, it is totally in our own control. I do not mean controlling the outside or other people.

I mean truly changing our thoughts and stories so that we know we are making conscious choices in each and every circumstance in our individual lives.

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