To Be Ok with the choice not to “Change”

In my last post I was speaking about being angry and frustrated about not making the choice of changing your scenario. I have spent much time with my clients about this very thing.

We must accept the idea that we get to make the choice not to change. We should spend a lot of time on the reasons we are using to keep us in the place that makes us so angry.  We need to understand that we get to make the choice to stay where ever we are. We must also remember that we then can not blame the others in the scenario over the choice that we will not change.

This is where it gets really muddy for so many people. We are very used to making the outside world the reason that we can or can not do something. That is a very heavy concept to let go of. Every excuse used by all of us is in support that we have no choice.

Now remember, I am saying in this blog that you, as we all do, get to make the choice not to change. Please hear then that you do not get to get mad at the scenario that you choose to stay in. This is where all of our anger and frustration comes from. This is why it becomes such a constant companion of ours.

Yet we do not stand up for the fact that we have made a conscious choice to stay in this energy that upsets us . Every time you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry about someone or something is when you should go back to the choice you made to not change. Do you still feel the same way? Are you ready to make change today when you were not the last time you had decided to not make the change?

This is how we allow ourselves not to change but still be okay. This will bring us happiness and relaxation. If you find that you can not stay happy or at least not angry or frustrated, you then have come to a place where you must begin to take the steps for the change that you are claiming you can not or do not want to do today! Which is another blog post. ….

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