This world will support your walking your god essence upon the Earth herself

This world will support your walking your god essence upon the Earth herselfWhen you are learning to follow your heart it can seem that you are walking away from everything you know and love. Yet ask yourself, why is your heart leading you in a direction that is so totally opposite of what you have been doing up to this moment?

As you begin to learn to question your every action step, your reactions in your emotional levels, you will then truly work on why you feel that you are responding in truth. You will always want to remember that beliefs of this physical world will be the trigger to that inner small child. So you will have to learn how to make your actions and choices from the internal truth of Universal laws, not man made laws.

They will not put you in conflict if you learn to recognize that the Universal laws do not interfere with man made laws but, man made laws always interfere with Universal laws. Because man made laws are created to deter you from your internal truth and guidance system. You can be led very easily if you follow the mass consciousness. You can not if you have learned to listen to that internal voice of truth. That internal voice is the direct link to your personal god essence and will not ever put you in harms way. It is only when you allow outside influences to sway your internal decision that you see issues beginning to arise that counter the choices you are about to make.

Your internal god voice is strong and quiet and assured, your little child’s voice is of fear and danger and warning so it is very different than the quiet love you feel when you are connected with your god source.

Yes, your god source is you, the part of you that resides in the 5th dimension which some call heaven. Only one third of your soul resides within your physical body, and depending on how you walk on this earth plane determines how much more of your soul you pull into this body here.

It is always depending on how you make your choices, how you are accountable for the choices you make and not looking outside of yourself for answers. It is in how you look inward with divine love that you did make those choices at the time and that you are now living with the aftereffects of those choices.

If you are blaming anyone or anything rather than looking at the choices that you yourself made, you are not standing in Universal Truth, you are standing in physical truth.

Learn to question each and every choice you make until you are doing so before you make your choices. You will see such a difference in how this world around you makes you feel. Yes, so quietly, firmly, and lovingly this world will support your walking your god essence upon the Earth herself.





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