This Moments Truth…..

Until we learn the Universal Truths, and what that means, we must look at the fact that our truths change.

As we go out into the world, the work place, the places that we socialize, if we do not take into account that our beliefs are going to be challenged, and so they should, then we start blending and jumbling up our truths.

We begin not seeing what we should have let go of and what we should keep.

It is no different than our Parents telling us do not cross the street with out holding my hand. We come to a place were we can see over the parked cars and know how to judge the distance of safely walking across the street without getting hit by a vehicle. Or we should have.

Have you looked at all such things that as small children we are taking as the truth of the world. That without a challenge, or what I call contrast to what we are being introduced to, are we getting the information in a way so that we can choose for ourselves if we wish to adopt the thought of the day?

‘Truths’ have changed even in our Science today. As young children, my generation was taught there were only nine planets in our solar system. Today, what is being taught? We knew Russia as the USSR., today it is simply Russia. So, as in all things we must keep our feelings open and on the surface of our thoughts.

We must begin the process of breaking down our feelings as soon as we receive signals within ourselves that something is not fitting us.  It is no less than the simple feeling. When we learn to listen, we can stand up for our most  simple need without having to have confrontation of any kind.

We run from confrontation, yet are having it happen all around us. Why?

Ask yourself, “If I say I do not want confrontation then why am I having to stand up for myself in every little thing?”

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