There is only one vibration called you

How would you change your life? Are you willing to look at your life and really let go of the story that has made you sad? Are you ready to take just one small step and see where it has brought you? Not look ahead where it could take you, but simply where you are after just one small step. This is the very way to change your life right this very moment. Do you have the courage to do this simple task?

If you do it will be the very thing that changes your life, your consciousness, your heart. It is possible to feel a soaring in your heart that allows all obstacles to simply vanish from your sight. They will be there for others but, they will not be there for you.

When we stand simply in our hearts and walk only from this place at all times we can have the life that we feel and know deeply is ours.

Why do you laugh at this? It is possible… it has always been possible. You simply have to be in a place that says you are the only reason that you are making the choice to change.

Do you have the courage to say that? Can you really do it just for you? Or do you have an ulterior motive? Like what? Is there someone or something that is more important than yourself? Without you what is there to experience through your eyes?

Without you the expression that the Universe has is non-existent. That is correct. There is only one vibration called you. You must stand in the fact that is important. That without your special, unique vibration the world as a whole is just not the same. When are you going to acknowledge that is an important fact?

When you have come to this understanding of self, this will give you the inspiration to learn all you can about standing in the truth for your sake alone. To breath and feel from your heart about you and only you. Can you do that? That is the question still standing, How would you change your Life?


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