The Universe is a huge mathematical match finder

UniverseMatchI am, like so many others are, on several social media sites. So what I would like to talk about today is social bullying and how often you are supporting the quiet killer of all internal Honor of Self. Yes, that is right, you did read right. How often do those wonderful causes have those last few words that say ,”But, I bet 99% of you will not re post this”? Yes, there it is… bullying.

How often do people young and old do this to you? How many different ways does your spouse, significant other, parent, sibling, friend, or child do this to you? Not your enemies, my dear one. Oh no, those people that use guilt and obligation against you are using a form of quietly bullying you into doing what they want from you, not caring what your internal Self Honor has had you feel is the very best for you.

One of the worst forms of bullying is using guilt and obligation against you. It is because they are not truly taking their own accountability. They may say they are. They will get you to say, “Yes, I can see what you are saying.” Then they think, if you can see this about them, that you should be the one that then takes care of it for them. No sweet one, this is where you have to say, “You are absolutely correct but, it is not for me to do this for you.”

Can you stand in the Universal Truth when you started the relationship in a lie? Are you letting your physical integrity get you caught in a net that will keep you stuck for the rest of your life? So many people do. They just let their lives pass by without the slightest bit of happiness. I mean deep down heart expanding happiness. Are you one of the many that are doing this to yourself?

It is not easy when you begin to see how often it is those closest to you never did fit you on an true vibrational level. It is not taught here on this plane how important it is for a man and a woman to match vibrationally. True creation on this earth is accomplished by a man and woman who are vibrationally matched. It’s so critical that you should only choose the person that will be of the greatest vibration to play with. We choose wrong because of those weak links within us that tell us we are not worthy. Because of this we grasp at the first person that shows us any kind of kindness, whether it fills our heart to overflowing or not.

Please begin to trust your heart, it shall never lie to you. You must feel for yourself, and only yourself, the internal Self Honor that supports you and only you. There are matches for each and everyone of you… as you learn and grow you will begin to see that your thoughts about not having are the only things in your way of having. You heard me. It is your thoughts of not having something or someone that get in your way of having.

The Universe is a huge mathematical match finder. It does not judge anything you have done or will do. It simply finds mathematical matches and brings the people or physical expression together. So the more focus you put on what is lacking, the more vibration / mathematical equation you sit in… and poof… the Universal match finder matches. There is nothing else that does it. You are the god force on the planet, as each and every one else is, that is why if you stand in the truth in your heart and maintain the truth, that vibrational match will be met by the Universe.

That is the Universal Truth. What gets in your way then? Smiling, I am going to whisper this, for it is the biggest secret in the world… you only you !





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