The truth that sets your heart free

autumn-leaves-word-from-the-lordOkay, so now I am saying you are lying, your are lying to your friends, your family, your closest loved ones. Are you blooming mad yet? You should be, you should be mad enough now that come hell or high water you are going to find the truth for you! The truth that sets your heart free from the turmoil that you find yourself in from time to time. Because that is your clue, my sweet and wonderful friend.

If you find yourself, at least monthly, out of sorts… if you find that what you thought was a given in your life is taken away from you… if you have not reached the accomplishments that you felt you should be having already… Don’t give up! Take the time to breath deeply, cry if you need to. Feel the frustration. Let yourself have the gamut of the emotions that you are having well up within your mind, within your body. Let yourself truly have this emotion.

Why? Because the only way to find the truth of this beautiful and unique place called Earth is to be fearless, not to leap out of those painful thoughts that are going on within you. Just on the other side of that pain is where the beginning of your path back to the truth can be found. It is in how you question yourself while you are in the mist of your emotions.

I would like to take a quick moment here to explain something to you. Anything to do with emotions are not FEELINGS. People interchange emotions and feelings and this is what is keeping you from finding your truth. There is only one thing that equates to the word ” Feeling” and that is JOY. There is only one level of Joy and that is a heart popping WOW! — anything less than that is actually an emotion. The lowest body register is loathing and it goes up from there. Pain, hate, rage, numbness, sadness, a little happy, and I am sure you can put lots of words in this category.

There is a process that you should be taking on a daily basis and eventually off of your every thought and contemplation. Emotion is a movement… it is not meant to be held in your thoughts and your ideals. It is there simply for you to challenge the physical experience you have just had that day. Yes, it is simply to register the steps you just took and how far off you were from joy. Because the prime objective for each and everyone of you is to simply live in joy. The fun is to evaluate and emote the process you just had to come to. How close did you hit your mark of having joy experienced in each and every one of your life experiences?

If there are people telling you it is not possible, that you should look at what you have and you should be satisfied. Well then, I say to you, personally you are lying to yourself and you have given up hope. You have given up the truth that you are totally in charge of the change that can give you complete joy in this world.

Oh Please do not try telling me that you are too old, that you have missed out on joy. Stop already with the platitudes… are they making you feel better? Or is it your way to get someone else to be your cheerleader?

I am not your cheerleader and neither should anyone else be… You, and only you, can cheer for you when it is 3:00 am and you are all by yourself. So instead of having me or someone else be your cheerleader start right now, yes you heard me. Start right this moment and learn the steps you need to take to become the god being you know you were/are to be. Only you can. Why are you lying to yourself and telling yourself it is too Late?






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