The Truth Really Does Set You Free

truthsetyoufreeI know I spend a lot of time on communication and how the most important person to learn to communicate with is yourself. I know I share that you need to be brutally honest with yourself, and that does not mean that you should beat yourself up. It means when you are thinking about an invitation to participate, whether it is directly about you or one of your family or friends, you must talk to yourself like you do when you are sharing secrets about you to that special person that you can share anything with. When it comes to those deep secrets, it should really be you first, then share with others.

In truth and love of self you should always remember as you are making your plans that if you get that feeling that you don’t want to go this is where you ask your first question. Why do I not want to go? Let the answer from your heart flow out to you, Don’t stop it by saying things like, “Well that is silly” or “Buck up”, or any and all the other ways you shut yourself down when you are talking. Let the real answer come to you. Then, instead of being your worst bully with all the mean statements you normally make, stop and ask another question but ask the question off of the answer you just gave yourself

This is the way and in the beginning you are going to have to allow yourself at least 5 questions off of each answer you give yourself before you are going to get to the root of why you do not want to participate. That is what I mean about being brutally honest with yourself.

Each one of us has reasons why we do not like to participate with certain people. They can be the nicest people on the planet but if you have issues it is now, before you go and accept to be with or do that something, that you take the time to ask your heart if that is what you truly need to fill your heart with happiness.

If at any time you are tweaked or upset or have to hold your tongue so that you are not sharing your feelings out of angst or anger then you should not participate. I say this because you have the right to your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, but that does not mean you get to put them onto someone else’s shoulders. Yes you heard me. Your opinions and beliefs are simply markers for you to look at for yourself. You are being triggered by a vibration that the two of you have together so you have your accountability in changing the concepts and ideals that are within you.

Too many of you feel that if the other person would just change then you would be okay. No dear one, it is you who has to feel and see and then change how you are thinking and reacting to any given scenario. You do get to choose though not to play with someone that makes you feel uncomfortable or irritable. Just continue to work on the whys within yourself so you are always communicating in truth with yourself.





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