The Still Small Voice vs. Mind Chatter

Mind chatter, have you ever sat and thought about what that is? Has it ever been so loud that you can hear your thoughts?

I have spent a lot of time myself learning to meditate to get rid of mind chatter. It was the hardest thing for me to learn to do. Meditate that is, I had so many barriers set up. The first of many was the idea that I can not take the time to meditate, too many things I have to do.

Well, let me tell you that was a crock! Then of course when I would try to quiet my mind, the grocery list would appear or the things around the house I had to do. At the time I had no idea what mind chatter was. I had no clue that was mind chatter… all these things that would appear in my mind’s eye as soon as I would supposedly go into meditation.

I would then try to lay down and meditate. I would fall asleep so fast I do not remember counting to three. Now when I was supposed to sleep at night could I? Heck no! So I now have a new idea flit into my head, what is mind chatter? Can it be detrimental? I was to find out just how detrimental mind chatter can be. I had just barely scratched the surface to this concept.

What I was finding out was as I started to address not having a grocery list or chores come in, other things started showing up, deeper meaner things, such voices of people who told me you can not do that, you are crazy.

Those voices that tried to lead me away from my feelings about me. Those who tried to mold me into what they thought I should be, not what my true nature was. My fight was not with the seen, but the unseen. The voices of my parents, grandparents, teachers, well wishers, all of them who were not standing in their truth of  who they wanted to be either. Yet society said, this is how it should be.

So, whenever my true self would start to surface, all this mind chatter would also surface. It would speak far louder than the quiet voice of my self. The voice that had not been used for so long. That still, small voice needed strength to override the chatter of nothingness.

Challenge me if you dare !!!!!

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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