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wholetruthhiddenI, like so many of you, am on the social network pages, and I see all the sayings and postings of people and they are sharing their beliefs with all of us who are their friends. Yet even with the positive affirmations that you are seeing, do you take time to really feel what that affirmation is saying? And just because if seems positive… does it take you off the circle of no change?

I was reading peoples questions on one of these sites and they had posed a question of why, no matter what they said, did people take it the wrong way? I posted that no matter how nice we try to talk if we are edgy within our heart people are always going to assume that the edginess is about them. Hence they are going to take it wrong.

She thanked me for my response, but as others posted, she decided they fit better because they took the focus off of her responsibility for her internal feelings. Which is why I started this blog. How often, when you are trying to have someone feel better, do you walk right over the self responsibility that we should be fostering in not only ourselves but, then to foster that with those around you?

That is also what our positive affirmations do for us as well. Whenever you are feeling bad you go for the quick fix. And yes it works… for a little while, but the issue has not been looked at so the problem persists. I have seen so many people post the most loving kind things, yet when you listen to them speaking, in a few minutes you can hear that they are far from happy with the people in their lives and all they desire is the control to change everyone else.

They are exhausted and so very unhappy with the people in their lives. Yet until they look at those deep issues within their very own heart, change will never come. It is impossible to control someone else. Think about this… if you are unable to control and understand your deep edginess, which resides within your very own being, why would you think that controlling the way others act, play, think, or communicate with others, would be possible?

Once again I shall repeat… it is not about being mean, it is about finding out for yourself why you feel unrest in your being. Once you get an understanding about that, you can then take one step at a time to bring true happiness back into your life. If you need to post affirmations, then look seriously at the ‘less than’ feelings you have about yourself.

Once you have found your peace and internal happiness you do not need affirmations to remind yourself. Until then, know that you simply have not yet found the sense of peace within yourself. As long as you need to make someone feel better by suggesting that it is someone else’s fault, you still need to find a way to let yourself off the hook as well.

Why would you want to prolong your unhappiness when the shortest path to happiness is truth about your inner feeling? Remember… what others are saying about you is simply your feedback on whether you are on the track of true inner peace or are just on the circle of lack!
Delrae J Bantz




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