The Sequence of Steps to Creation

one_step_at_a_time_poster-In my last post I began to explain about Knowings. I would like to continue in this blog with more information about knowings and how we can begin to take charge and know for certain we are the one’s in charge of the changes.

If you can, in the quiet, be in the wonderment that you not only had a knowing about some life changing experience but that, through that life experience, you came to the awakening – you know, that awareness that leaves you saying, “Oh my god, I knew this was going to happen.”

That you felt the pain of not being prepared. The feeling for most of you in the acknowledgement of the first knowing was of some heart rendering change, where you were left asking yourself, “Why did I not see this before? I might have been prepared then for this life event.”

Well, that is the very reason we have knowings. It is our own high self or divine guidance system that is giving us the fore-Knowing. It is your failure to pay attention to the initial knowing that gets you lost and so then, when the official experience presents itself, you want to claim you did not know. You were side-tracked, unprepared.

I want you to sit quietly, and with empathy for the pain you have caused your heart, because when your quiet knowing came to you, you simply ignored it, or tried to talk yourself out of it. It is far better to take charge of your knowings. That is how you know when you are making choices that do not support your knowing and the contrast comes in to say, “Hey wait, this is not what you truly need or desire.” You are less likely to shoot the messenger. Or hamper yourself with doubt with that constant circle of how do you know you are doing the right thing for you.

Well sweet ones, if you are trying to make choices because of the other people who are playing in your drama you call life, you are already on the wrong track. Yes you heard me. Each of us are god-beings no matter what our ages or circumstances. It is only you that can create or be in charge of you and your experience. You cannot lessen or harden another god beings life expression. NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY. It simply can not be done. It will never be acknowledged the way you have tried to control it to be.

So, let go of the controlling of other god beings expressions and take charge of ONLY your own. That is how your knowings are going to be a benefit for you. For a knowing to come to you, you have already had to send out to the Universe through some form of feeling. Most of us do it in desperation, in our tears, or in our hurting hearts, we have sent out for change. The knowing is our High Self ( divine guidance system) now telling us the change is coming so we should begin our preparations.

It is here you take hold and begin to keep track of what events are going on in your life. Do not push the knowing away. The changes you are asking for will come easier and with less resistance from all parties if you make the decision to accept your creation for the change. That is the next step in your knowing… making the decision that you hear it and feel it in your heart. The next step is to be clear and conscious that you are making the choices that are supporting your knowing. Then doubt of what you are doing and the next step that you should be taking are very clear and you are propelled to take them.

You begin to see the ease of taking steps and how nicely things begin to flow for you. Try and remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed, or that things are spinning out of control, it is because you have not taken steps in the sequence of your life that are supporting your decision to walk into your knowing. So those sequences still need to be taken. Only you are now taking them in place of the step you should be at, not the one you are resisting taking. Can you see how steps, physical steps that you know should be taken, are not being taken in the correct order and hence they start to pile up on you?

This is simply because somewhere you made a choice to ignore your knowings of the outcome of your physical expression. We generally do this to ourselves when we say, ‘I will wait until I get everything taken care of first. Then I will do that one thing that seems to be so very hard to do.’ Well it will not matter when you do that first step, it will still cause the upheaval you are trying to avoid. Why????? Because that is what has to happen for you to see how easy it would have been if you would have acknowledged your knowing way back when you first received it.

Yes, you cannot avoid the upheaval, it is only when you simply stand in the daily truth of change and learning for self that upheaval ceases to have it’s affect on us.

I shall continue with the next post on Knowings and Awakenings for our benefit.








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