The secret to who you are.

As I began to study in the ‘new age’ section of the book store, I was amazed at all these inspirational books that were out there. I would read through them with a hunger for new knowledge. After each book I read I would be so disappointed. They were all saying the same thing. Yet not one of them told me how to find the secret.

The secret of how to really make a change in my life. They all alluded¬†to the fact that there was a way, but never revealed the way. So I stopped buying the books. I got mad and said, “There has got to be a way to do this!” Well, my curiosity paid off.

I began to listen to myself.

Yes, that is the secret. Learning how to hear the inner voice of self.

When you hear your own voice in your head, not someone else’s, you will begin to make choices just for yourself. Then you begin to see how, if you would have had guardians instead of parents, you would have known long ago how to hear and choose for yourself. When you hear a parents voice try to remember you are hearing generations of people not standing for the choice of self.

When you hear a guardian’s voice then you had someone teaching you how to question the things that you were experiencing, you are hearing a voice that was training you to do for yourself.

How much easier would it be if you just could say to any and everyone… “I just can not do that for you” when we did not really want to do it. Or when you did want to do it saying (and meaning), “Yes, I would be happy too.” without any quilt or obligations on the part of either participant?

It is when we say yes, when it should be no, that we are doing a disservice not only to the person but to ourselves!

One of the things I help my students and clients with is to learn to say no when it is needed. Truly nothing bad is going to happen. Other than you will be getting out of the way of yours and others soul growth.

Because that is what happens when we do for others when it does not feel good to us to do it.  Practice listening to your own heart, my friends. It speaks very loudly. It has to! For you have not been listening for a very long time.

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