The Process That Sets You Free

What is detachment? We must begin by looking at all of our experiences as sent out by a vibration we are sitting in.

We recognize a vibration by looking with our eyes and heart. By being really honest with how we like or do not like the experiences we are having.

It is right here that we have become really good at lying to ourselves. Yes, we lie to ourselves so very often.

If we are in any way thinking our life is in the toilet, then we must stop telling ourselves it is… because we are sending a vibration out about ourselves. Our thoughts tell us what those vibrations are.

We do have to listen to our thoughts. This is where the detachment comes in.

We must begin to see that the physical experience shows us the vibration that we are sending out. Our thoughts tell us the vibration we are sending out. Are you getting the picture??

We want to get mad at those things and then that defeats the process that we have set up to set ourselves free.

We must be willing to ask ourselves why we continue to believe these thoughts that keep running through our heads.

Now, I have heard it said, “Do not think about things that are bugging you”. Well, how is that done? I hear people say ‘Well, I just do not think about it.’

Really!?!? You just put it away and never think about it again. Never!?!

Well, what do you do with the feeling that goes with that thinking? What do you do with that? Do you put that away as well? Do you really? Or is it floating around somewhere. Like popping up in your everyday experiences.

Feelings are vibration, if you do not take the time to look at why you have those feelings and allow yourself the truth about those feelings how are you going to ever get past them?

Detachment is letting yourself have the feelings with love.Yes, I mean love. Then keep them or let them go, but let them go because you are ready to not because somewhere it says you are not supposed to feel like that.


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