The Process for Success

how-math-works-5I have been working in one of my classes and so I would like to share with you some of the questions that seem to predominate in this class.The one thing that is worked on in each class is how to evaluate the experiences you are having so that you can begin to know yourself without hesitation. What I heard was that people need to understand that the process for success, time and time again, is to remember that to be ahead of your life and be in charge you remember to evaluate the invitation, or life experience, in the truth.

What does that mean? That means that as you begin the process of making a decision, you take stock of all your feelings and emotions. You want to look at the basic reason you would accept and follow through with the decision you are about to make. You want to always ask yourself, “What is my need?”

Now you would think that has an easy answer. Yet take some time and look at how many times you’ve put up with someone’s antics just so you could get something done.

Yes, and you did not ever like that part of it. Yet you are allowing that in your life because you feel that you are getting your need filled. Well this is where I want you to begin to look at your internal feelings and ask yourself questions, starting right there.

Personal questions about why you would put yourself in a position where you can get angry or hurt because you think that you have this need and you only know this one person that can do it for you. This is where you sabotage yourself. You are not allowing for your need to be truly felt. Most of the time you do this is by putting the money factor into the equation. The money factor is truly the Universes job not yours. Your need is to evaluate your feelings in truth. Then you need to know you have the value to allow the Universe to bring it to you. Would you, could you, please take the time to see that you have always been taken care of, your whole life, by the Universe?

It is as you allow this very fact to simply fill your being that you will begin to relax in the fact that you have to have a clear need. Once you feel your need and follow the direction of your body, you will then be sitting in the position that allows the Universe to bring to you the experience of your need being filled in the physical sense. There is a big difference in allowing the Universe to bring to you your need while following your internal guidance system and doing things all by yourself. The Universe will use Beings on this planet but you must remember that the Universe is matching their needs too, with the best mathematical match. That is the beauty of this wonderful plane called Earth.

I am in such awe of how, with all the god beings on this planet, that the Universe matches and mixes our needs and each and every time makes it perfect for everyone involved. If it is not a match it is because you have decided not to allow your need but did something second best for you… always remember to keep you first and foremost. You must simply make the decision to only have your need met for every choice that you make.

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