The Power Within You

power withinWhen you are looking at the changes that you know and feel are right for you, the first place you want to begin is like I was recently saying in my talk radio show… You must always start with the very center of your internal power. By doing so you are taking charge of the power with each and every choice that you are making consciously today. Then to take care and be aware of the choices that you made when you did not stand in the place of power.

You are becoming your very own Guardian, and the glory of that is you are always there. You are present at that 1:00 am in the morning time. When your heart is sad and you feel like you just do not want to go forward, yet forward is the only way to go because you sure as heck do not want to live in the vibration that you are walking away from.

It is the beginning of creating your passion for the life you are embarking on. Be sure you remember not to tell yourself, “when I get ____ then….”, because you must understand that the power lies in the here and now. You are already walking in your new life and each day, each moment, walking in this new you. Do not get lost in the physical perception that you will have a golden key at the end of your walk. There is no end my Friend, this new life this taking charge and changing your life is, a life time achievement.

So stop looking for the end to come. No, you must be in the joy of the next great understanding you get with the next piece of information that unlocks the joy that surrounds you as you see more each day and you start to understand how it was your mind, your thoughts about your story and then the choices that you made to respond to the information at the time about your story or life experience, that keeps you from or leads you to your joy.

Each day you have the choice to respond in your old way or in the open and uncovering way of your internal guidance system. As you begin realizing that it is you and has always been you, the joy that fills your heart, your soul begins to soar that you can be a very intimate part of this glorious Universe.

As that recognition begins to fill your mind the possibilities become endless in what you can experience. How just by recognizing that you are and have always been the only one to be accountable for your feelings, for how you allowed your emotions to direct your responses. Oh my goodness, can you feel this information as it fills your mind and seeps down into your soul? You do not have to be pushed or bobbing around in your life any more.

Make the simple choice to take your accountability in each and every choice you make. That opens your life to the new and glorious you.





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