The Power of Words

As I watch and listen to the people I work and interact with, I am seeing a word used so very often without it really having the meaning it should have. When we use words on such a regular basis does it give us the feeling of what they mean or do they just become so the norm that we do not even feel what it means when we are saying them or using them in a sentence?

The word I am referring to is the word I am sorry.

How often do we use that word in a day? Why are we using that word? I have been listening, which of course has heightened my awareness of how it is being used, and how sometimes so very inappropriately, in our daily course of things.

Such as, when a person is going about their work in a work place and they have to walk past a group of people that are talking and blocking a walk way. Not only does that person doing their work walk through, they say they are sorry. Why, I ask myself, should that person be sorry? The others are in the way, they choose to have a private conversation where others would normally walk by. Should not those that are in the way be the ones that apologize?

Should they have not taken their conversation somewhere that they would not be in the way. Or how about that person that says they are sorry for living. There are other words to be used like “excuse me”, or “may I please have a conversation with you or some of your time?”.

Then there are those people who say sorry for every action they take that hurts someone and they continue the same action time and time again. Why do they think that saying ‘sorry’ is really going to hold any weight with the people they say sorry to. Do they not know that when you use that word it holds a vibration?

Do you/they know that it carries with it a burden that is carried over into the next time the same action step is repeated that you feel that it is the person you said sorry to that is trying to make you feel guilty for doing the action again?

It is the fact that words we use carry unto themselves a vibratory rate or an atomic weight and it is that weight that you feel when you use words you do not mean. As well as words you do mean. Like when you feel the word Love or hate. That feeling is the atomic weight of the words. So in the next step of your learning begin to see that each and every word you use has a weight that will either uplift your life or pull it down.

It all depends on you and why you are using the words.

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