The peace of understanding fills you

golden beachLet’s start with a question that has haunted each of you once you began to question and answer your questions with honesty and openness. When you evaluate why you would do anything before you do so, and then truly critique the experience in the whole truth once you have gone through it…

Why would you not tell yourself the whole and most critical truth each and every time?

It is truly amazing to me that so many of you know that learning how to question the Why’s, the When’s, the Where’s, is truly what is going to bring to you each, the most glorious Style of Living that you can imagine, yet you resist.

Is it because it is tricky telling yourself that the first time you go back to that story in your life that you hold as detrimental you had a conscious choice to walk ahead into the experience or you could have listened to that internal warning that said “No, go in another direction”?

When you begin to look at the choice unto itself and you come to the understanding with today’s wisdom, you are still making choices to walk into the scariest walk rather than to stand up to yourself and turn and go back the way you just came.

When I have walked with others that are for the first time looking back at that first choice of ignoring their internal warning system, I then bring them to today and I ask them to now look back through their life choices and see how many times that very first choice influenced each and every one of their life choices.

That emotion of not feeling good enough, or scared, or whatever word you choose to use about not measuring up, they all stem from that very first choice of going forward into that icky, messy, horrible, experience rather than to turn around and walk back into the safety. It reminds me of those horror movies and everyone runs up the stairs or into the basement where they cannot get away from the horror.

So truly learn how to ask your question. Remember to ask only one then truly answer that question. Do not deflect from the answer by using derogatory words about what you should or shouldn’t be. Answer each question from the deepest part of your heart. Look at the real reason you cannot say no even to protect yourself from harm. Use the law of Grace, then add empathy and love to the mix, and you will then come up with the answer that will best answer your question. Once you have your answer, if you are not inspired to take an action step, then ask a question off the answer that you have just gotten. Continue to ask one question allow yourself to go deeper within yourself with each answer so that you can get to your core truth.

You will know for sure when you have come to your god truth when you feel the peace of understanding fill you. You will know for sure the step you are about to take is for you and only you and for that reason alone you will easily walk through the experience you have chosen just for you ………..





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