The only way you can feel your value

Abe-on valueSo you are beginning to walk in this new understanding that you are and have always been totally and completely in charge by the choices that you make for your life. Have you let that course through your veins? Have you taken the time, given yourself the opportunity to let that feeling of being the one and only person to make your choices only for you?

The next step that you need to take is to begin to take the time to realize that every time you make a choice to make someone else happy, you are under-valuing the flow of that magnificence that is you.

Yes, you heard me correctly. The next level of understanding with walking in the Universal glorious truth is to begin to see, hear, and value, each and every choice you make for self. It does not mean that people in your world will not feel the love and joy that you have in your life. It only means that you must truly value yourself in each and every choice you make solely for you.

How you do that is to learn your heart, listen to your heart each and every time you need something. If you are feeling depleted and sad you simply need to see that as in the past you have put someone else in greater value than yourself. Now I know what you are thinking, you’re asking, “But in a partnership, a deep and caring relationship, do you not take your partner into consideration?”

My answer to that question is the partnership that has to come before all else is the one that you have with your internal god and you.

Yes, Sweet one, you have read those words correctly. You will begin to see that each and every time that you value someone else over yourself, you are not capable of giving the sweet love and joy that you think you are sharing with others. Whenever you have other things on your mind because you feel in the slightest that you do not get to have something that you need to make you happy, you can not share happiness with someone else.

It is the overflow of your joy because your life is on top of the world that is shared with anyone and all that share with you. So when you think you are giving to those special people because they want your attention, but you are sad because of things you do not have, you must tell yourself the truth… they are not getting the joy and happiness because you do not feel it.

The more you try to fake it, the less you are hitting the mark with those people. That is why you get the feedback ‘you never do this for me or that for me…….’ They cannot feel you because you are holding back because you are not happy.  So it is one more acceptance that you have to allow for yourself. Only you can value the choices you are making and the only way you can feel your value in those choices is when your choices support your hearts needs.





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