The Only Reason You Try to Control Things

control freak cupWhat is a life Choice?

How often should we be making life Choices?

Take some time on these questions because they are trick questions to get you to see how you intertwine the words decisions and choices and being in charge or being in control and how by interspersing them into your conversation it then contaminates how you go about communicating your needs and desires to those people that you are living with, working with, and playing with. How those four concepts can create havoc in your life on a vibrational level when misunderstood.

You are only making decisions when you are working on altering your life in either your spirituality or in making major changes that are totally opposite to the way you are living right now. In my world there is really only one decision any of us make… and that is to live in the Universal Truth. And then I take each and every step, each and every day, to accomplish my goal to that end.

I do understand though, that in the beginning, when a person is just realizing they need change, deciding to make a change is a true life decision. Your choices are those every moment steps you take to have your decision realized and experienced in your life. Being in charge is knowing and consciously walking those moments of choice with your intent in place, knowing with the all of you, that you are making choices to enhance the change in your life.

The only reason you have ever tried to control any scenario in your life is because you have never felt that your choices are being considered. You will have to become aware that it has only and always been you not putting yourself on the scale. It has always been you who has not given yourself any value which has led to the experience of not getting your needs filled.

Whenever you seem to be being controlled by someone else’s actions, go back and find where you yourself were trying to control exactly everything that was going to happen while you were participating. That is where you will see that somewhere in you, you wanted to make sure you were going to have the experience that you wanted to have.

That does not happen when you try to control people and setups, it happens when you are in the creative part of the planning of any scenario with other people. You know very well all the behaviors of those people your are participating with. So choose carefully each and every time when you are planning things to only plan with those who in that moment make you totally happy.

You then begin to see how it was always your choice and has always been your choice in who and when you want to play and for how long. It is very simple and very easy when you begin to allow yourself to only have value for the things you need and love to do. No, it will not effect others badly. You will come to see when you fill your heart with happiness that is all you will ever expect and so will happen in your life.





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