The only reason you have stressors in your life

stressed-out-tiles-by-Flickr-user-Thomas-HaynieWhen you are learning to use the most valuable tool that you have, evaluating each and every thought you allow to flow through your consciousness, you will at first be nervous about the changes that might occur in your life if you use this tool. Will you still have feelings about those you  love and have in your life?

Yes, is the answer what will happen when you start looking at those random thoughts that flow through your mind daily, you will see the stress you have been carrying disappear. Those things that have been occupying your mind at the worst time will disappear. Why is that? Because when one of those kinds of thoughts float in you look at it. You begin the evaluation process and ask how can this thought harm you? Answer that question. Once you have that answer you will know more closely within your Being the steps you must take to take care of the issue.

The only reason you have stressors in your life is that when your body sends you signals to look at what is worrying you, you push it down and away from you. You tell yourself there is nothing you can do about it so why bother….. wrong answer……. once again your heart is trying to help you deal with an issue right then and there. Yes, there is a reason that thought floated in when it did. You have been in your thoughts asking for HELP. By not going in and asking that first question are pushing away from yourself the opportunity to change your life and take charge (not be in control) of your environment or those around you. To really begin to see change in your life you must remember that all creation comes from the core of your heart first. Then the Universe matches it by bringing back to you the opportunities called life .

It is up to you to ask the questions sent to you from your heart to your thoughts. Take the opportunity to take charge. In taking charge you will build the trust back in yourself. When you build that trust in your heart back you will begin to make split-second decisions because your heart will give the feel in the moment that an opportunity is presented to you. You, at that moment, know if you’re feeling ‘Yes’ or feeling ‘No it does not feel right to you’… you do not have to go into or give excuses for any choices you make. You will simply quietly know that you are making the best choice for you.

This is the gift that comes when you begin the evaluation process. You learn to tell yourself the real truth, the real truth is what you really feel about doing anything. So if you do not like to hang with a certain person yet you find yourself again and again in a position with that person, take the time to look at the reason you are choosing to participate, the real reason. Where can you take charge, not over the other person, over you!

When you learn how to take charge over your emotions in a choice you are making you will begin to become more discerning in your choices. Do not blame someone else, when it is in fact you, and has always been you, making the choices. When you recognize this one small concept you will not find yourself always angry with not having choices, you will begin to make your choices for you or you will be reasoning out why you still make those choices that are not supporting the whole of you.





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