the next step from instant Gratification….

When I was stuck in thoughts like, “If I could only have it now”, I found my life very frustrating. I was full of anger and was always upset with the people who shared my life with me. It did not matter if it was at work or at home, family or friends. I just felt all around frustration. I would go to the self-help book section and although I was always reading them, they always left me without the key to unlock the mystery of how to be happy with who I was and with those that I had chosen to share my life.

It always seemed that they knew, but just did not want to share, the secret… because I would not need to buy their next book. So I stopped buying the books! I showed them… (*giggles* like they ever knew.) But it is true. I stopped buying their books. What I decided to start doing instead was simply meditate… which was a total flop! I could fall asleep faster in meditation than when I was trying to sleep.

Yet it led me to the discovery of so many things about myself. I started to unlock the secrets of why I was angry with the world. I found out why I was trying to control everything around me. Of course, I could not control everything around me so I was feeling very miserable. No matter how hard I tried I could not and can not control anyone else! I was not even in control of my own emotions… but, I learned that time does not matter, that as you go into the internal you , time is forgotten, so it simply does not matter how long it took for you to find self. In truth, the very idea drops away from the mind.

As you let go of the ideas and opinions that at one time held you hostage your life begins to change. You start seeing how your feelings have been the very thing that the Universe has been matching and creating for you each and every moment of your life. Yet we do not seem to see that until we let go of the idea that time matters. Because when the Universe matches what your heart has been allowed to express, your life changes and it changes so fast and so wonderfully it simply will not matter any more that it took a good part of your adult life to master… stop resisting… and stop thinking that instant gratification can hold a candle to a life long feeling of love and accomplishment.

Agree with me???? go ahead challenge me I wait to hear from you …

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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