The internal chatter we do not even hear.

I have spent lots of hours trying to work with my clients and students about mind chatter. This is probably the most sabotaging work we can do against ourselves. Another way of saying mind chatter is self-destruction. Because of how we hear ourselves talk, we also feel others are saying those same kinds of words. It is really eye-opening as I am listening to a conversation and when hearing each person talk about the conversation they are talking as if two different conversations were going on at the same time.

Of course there are two different conversations! The sooner we can start seeing that, the quicker we can get a grip on our internal mind chatter. It is like having every conversation and thought about anything in our lives go through a sort of  sieve, or filter system. Yet the filter system is working against us. And we can not see or hear how we are working against our own true needs.

I am walking out on a limb here but, it is to have peace, love and happiness in our every moment of every day. I do believe that each and every one of us has some form of mind chatter. It is the internal voice that tells us all the reasons we can not Be, Do or Have something. We have gotten so used to this chatter that we don’t question it, we do not even think about removing it. It tells us all the rotten things that we think others are thinking about us. Guess what? They are not thinking those things. How do I know? They have too much mind chatter of their own to worry about you and yours!

More and more, I see that the minute we start feeling that people are not really spending time thinking bad about us, we have the proof all around us showing us that people really did not think bad about us at all. So, mind chatter is our worst, best enemy. We just have to learn to address it right away when we hear things in our heads we no longer desire to experience in our lives. We must stand up for the truth that we can do something, anything , and put that on the scale right along side what your mind chatter is saying about you and how you have had experiences in your life. This will show you that the mind-chatter voice is no longer the voice of wisdom.

Once you take charge, gently and with Love of self, then you can really find the internal voice that will guide you lovingly and caringly to the proper action steps that will allow you to have true change in your life.

Learning to distinguish between these voices is critical to your peace. Do you agree with me? I am waiting to hear from you… have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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