The Importance of Passion

The Importance of PassionWe have a holiday called Patriots day and it is to celebrate and come together as a Nation for a sad day in our history. We hear speeches from the survivors and family members of those lost in the tragedy of that day. We, as a Nation, should stand up and remember, for it is in the remembering that we make other choices.

I am starting out this blog this way to show that we can and should remember our history, our past. I am just going to show you a way to do so that does not relive the story in the way that keeps you on the circle of your grief and pain, but teaches you how to stand strong and proud of the choices that were made and the reasons that you would make different choices today. The choices of the past were there simply to show you it is time to make a different choice, to receive a different experience.

We have these days to celebrate our History as a Nation – there is pride in our hearts and there should be; there is passion in the speakers about the things that the Nation has done. We as individuals must do the same thing.

Learn to feel the undying passion for yourself and the journey you have personally taken to be where you are today. It is the passion for having a better life with joy and success that should drive you forward.

When I use the word success I do not necessarily mean with wealth of money. Not that you cannot be successful financially, but I have found that you should have no other reason than when you wake up in the morning you are happy with your life in that moment.

You are the one who has to live with your choices, your emotions, the life that you are experiencing. If you are looking around and desiring someone else’s life, then you know you are lacking in the passion of your walk. Do not wait until it is too late to make choices to feel the passion for a new day and a new adventure that you are the star player in.

Learn to look at your life in the past as your badge of honor. Feel the integrity of free choice for your life and that you can and do make choices that make each and every breath you take a joy filled with the passion to go to the next moment, the next adventure .

Make yourself Necessary so that you do feel good in the simpleness of being you .

Delrae J Bantz

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