The importance of making choices that support your decision

making-decisionsWhen a decision is made it is imperative to only make choices that support your new decision. What I see is once a client or student makes a life changing decision, they seem to feel that they have to hedge their bets with those people that they live and interact with.

Now ask yourself , why would you make a decision that can bring only peace and harmony in your life, then not stand up for that decision with your loved ones? Yet again and again what I see happening is people holding back from standing up for the decision.

Consider this… When you sit in your decision you are creating a magnetic draw because you sit so strongly in your need for change in your life. What ends up happening when you then make quiet choices to hedge from the central decision, is you keep your new life from being expressed. You are then using your eyes and trying to tell how the creation should come about. Trying to design things this way never brings to you 100 percent of your creation. It will always leave you feeling like you are almost reaching the truth or your desire, but not quite having it all fall into your lap.

You  are in charge of this, yes you are. You must learn to use the internal integrity that you have and stand in your ‘godness’. You must learn that you are only hurting yourself by thinking that because the people around you are not standing in this integrity that you cannot stand even with them in the truth that will have you be the very happiest.

You must always use the tool of evaluation, asking continually why you would choose someone else over your own happiness. I say this because when you are interacting with those that you claim you are loving, when you are not standing in your true happiness, you are not giving them the true sense of who you really are.

That is the truth. You are not sharing the good parts of you. Do you think those around you can not feel the unease? I speak to all of you, whether you are single or married, whether you have children or not… each and every person you interact with is not getting that internal divine loving Being you are.

You are not getting the divine loving interactions that you should be experiencing as long as you continue to tell yourself you are strong, you are making plans to change, or you are waiting, in any sense of the words, to follow your decision to walk in the truth of who and what you are. I will continue to say, do not wait do. Do not put your decision on hold! Why would you wait? How can any reason be more important than you walking into the Divine Truth?

Could you not be sharing and walking this truth to be the shining light for those loved ones around you to follow in your path? If you are not making the choices to totally support your decision of walking in the Divine Universal Truth then you are not telling yourself the truth about why you feel what you feel.

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