The idle chatter within ones brain.

The more I work with my students the more I realize that the greater the stress or struggle one is going through the less they can hear the very things that would bring them peace. True peace that would bring them the life they are asking for. How do I know this? Well let me try to explain what mind chatter is. 

What I have been seeing in the process of my students is this. I have noticed that even as one person is having a conversation with another person, depending on what the stress is or problems that seem to be going on in there lives, their own mind chatter actually gets in the way. I have seen people literally walk away with no idea of the conversation they have just had.

How can this be you ask? Well, can you tell me what you had for dinner last night? Can you tell me two days ago what you were wearing ? This is just a slight example of what goes on in your world that you are really not paying any focused attention to.

How many interactions are you having without really being even 50 percent present in the activity at hand.

Let me try to see if the words I use are coming through clearly, in a way you understand. Okay… When we have a problem at hand, say a bill you have no idea how you are going to pay. As the time gets closer for you to pay this bill, you see no way that it is going to get taken care of. Where are your thoughts about this problem? And how preoccupied do you become with this issue?

Are thoughts/worries about this issue intruding at your job? Are they interfering with the people you are interacting with? When you are driving on the road is your attention on your driving and the surroundings, or are you preoccupied with the thoughts about how the heck you are going to pay that bill?

This is mind chatter. It has nothing really to do with your job, or the interactions with others. This is the very reason you will miss the information that would help you solve how to pay that bill. The worry and chatter that creates the stress in your life also does not let you hear the internal quiet voice that could direct you to the answer that you have been looking for.

Please , challenge me on this idea. I would love to get your feedback as I will be sharing more on mind chatter and how it hurts our chances of finding ourselves. Have a glorious day my friends.

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