The harm in instant gratification!

The harm of desiring instant gratification is we get frustrated and have a tendency to stop all forward movement in our efforts of self discovery. When we choose the course of having all things come when we are not ready, it causes a deep frustration and leads us to depression and deep sadness. Your internal voice cannot be heard in those depths of disparagement.

It is the wonderment of finding out the wonders of oneself and how we use the Universe to our betterment that allows for our hearts to feel satisfaction with our creations.

Does this sound like a lot of bologna? Well, once you sit in the wonder of seeing how things work and how simple it is you will be in such joy of just wanting to learn a new piece about yourself. It is in the learning of ones true self where the satisfaction comes in. You see what others would call miracles, they are very easy to understand concepts that you just incorporate into your life.

You do have to put aside though, the concept that it will just show up one day. You must put dedication and have discipline to have these things work in your life. It will take you as long as it takes  you to just relax and enjoy the fact that here on this earth, this plane, is all about learning how to feel, and to turn that feeling into a creative avenue in your life.

I know you are scratching your head as you say, “But how do I begin this now? My life is in full swing and it is not exactly going the way I would say I intended!”

Well, for one thing, you must stop thinking it is going to happen without you taking the time to contemplate, to learn about the true inner workings of your own wonderful being. You must remember that if you do not take the time for yourself no one is going to give you the time. Without self what is there? We must learn to understand ‘selfish’ in a new way… Self is necessary.

I did not say the path would not be riddled with bumps and bruises… for there will be those as we let go of ideas and understandings, and opinions that have us locked into a lifestyle we do not desire. It took you this long to get there, give yourself the grace for at least half the time to get to your true inner self. Do not get locked into instant gratification

Do you hear me? Feel free to challenge what I have to say. I’m waiting to hear from you.

have a great day into the evening tide…

2 thoughts on “The harm in instant gratification!

  1. Self is necessary! Thank you for your timely post once again. Learning about our own feelings is sooo necessary. I like that, turn your feeling into the creative energy in your life. It’s fun to see what comes back. I’ll show you my miracle at the next class:)
    It does take patience, dedication, discipline and allowance to walk it to the matching feel.

    • I agree, and as you have said, it works to have ours desires manifest themselves when we see they match the feels we are using..

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