the happy ending to your story…

One of the things that I hear a lot is how different a person is. Then I wonder do they think they are different? Do they want to be different? How is a person different? I hear a lot of people talk about how they think they are different yet, they are repeating patterns just like everyone else.

In so doing are they really different? Or are they fooling themselves, because they have colored their story in slightly different than the rest of the players here on our most wonderful world. One of the things that is important to learn about one’s self is when we stand in the truth that none of the stories that we tell about our lives has to really mean anything at all.

We are claiming the story gives us our individuality, but that is not the Universal Truth. That story and that we believe it, is what makes us all the same. It is when you begin to understand that to know your story, but not be directed by your story is what is the beginning process of becoming a being unto yourself. Can you be whole and loving and caring for yourself and those around you if you do not have a story to tell?

What is it about our choices to simply teach ourselves about us and how we walk within the Universe that makes us feel that we should have a badge of honor? I know we can say we have had bad breaks, or were abused, or hated, or mislead, or loved, or cherished… we can use all kinds of scenarios to have our story have meaning .

Yet what if the only real reason the story was there was to show us that at each and every moment in our lives, we simply need to make a conscious choice? Choice just for our own happiness. What if knowing that was the one thing that made us different than the rest of the people here that share this world with you?

Because that is the truth. It has never been about overcoming the story you have made your life. That was just the stage that you set. Yes, you are the producer, the director, the lead character in the play. You are the writer. Yet you insist on re-writing your story with the same ending, over and over again. Yet you are not happy with how the story is written.

Do you see where the truth lies with you? With the fact that you should be in this very now moment? You should always be conscious that you are making choices every moment of everyday… choices that either have you living your life the same or in a way that you know it is the first moment of the new writing of your new story. Just do not forget that you are the author of your story, the star of your story and only you can make sure, with the choices you make, that you are going to have as you desire the happy ending to your story… You wrote it!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.
Delrae J Bantz

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