The Greatest Form of Communication

self-talkThe greatest form of communication is the communication you have with yourself. .As I have gone through learning about expressing myself so that you can understand and feel and then incorporate what I am writing into practical uses just for your own sense of peace and freedom, I have spent many hours in contemplation on how do you and I learn how to see, walk,  and speak in the Universal Truth.  And of course I came to the understanding of this is all and has always been for the sense of knowing and loving self.

Do not misunderstand me… this is not about being so selfish that you have to lock yourself up into your own home and never venture out because you simply can not stand anyone else on this planet. This is about walking, talking, and living a full life. About going to work and not having those every day annoyances affect that internal equilibrium that you need in order to stay happy within your heart.

What you will find is that not only will you feel this peace of self, but you will begin to see that your friends have changed, your life style has changed, your internal thoughts have changed. Of course you must make sure that this sense of peace is what you truly want.

Does that sound funny to you? Well I can assure you if you do not have any or all of the things in your life that you desire, then there is only one place to look… and that is within your thoughts, your words, and then in your actions. This is the only place where your creation, your communication, is accomplished. So if you do not have the experiences that you want you are not in the proper alignment with the Universal Truth.

I have found that you have to allow the Truth, the real Truth, to flow through your mind, your heart, and then and only then can you begin to see that all the stories you have told about your life right up to this very moment are slanted and they are slanted due to the choices and the life lessons that you, yourself have chosen to experience.

So if you are repeating the lesson and the lesson seems to be becoming more intense this is the sign that you are refusing… yes you read that correctly… refusing i.e. you are not allowing yourself the changes that you need to make in order to experience the real changes in your life.

So the first place one starts with the art of communication is asking yourself questions. Do you know truly what a question is? I am finding that 99.9 percent of you are making statements and adding a question mark at the end, so there is no answer forth coming. There never will be until you learn how to ask a question. Practice asking yourself some real questions.


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