The First 3 Steps of a Sequence

12x12I have begun to talk about the first three steps of a sequence. Knowing, Decision, and Choice. The reason that it is so important to know these things is that you want to begin to truly understand what it means to know your sequence of any creation. To know and understand this is to begin to take your power for self in creating a life that is always under your direction. You will begin to see that you do not have to control or make sure all your ducks are in a row. You will not have to make sure each step you think you should take needs to be perfect before you can take them.

As you begin to use this concept called sequence, you simply take one step, one tiny little step at a time. When you take that step you can so easily see the physical results. That gives you the opportunity to make the necessary change to have the outcome be exactly as you desire.

There is also a thing called timing which has to go hand in hand with sequence, because as you will learn as you practice this, you do not wait to take your step, you will be compelled to take it. And so, like that internal knowing, take the step. Once again, I say you are ‘compelled’ because once again, it is a personal internal feeling. This completion is internal and it pulls at you to go forward. It will never have you stand still.

That is what makes you in charge. You feel it within your heart. You get so excited by the internal pull compelling you to do something and to do it right now. I do ask you in the beginning to spend a lot of time in evaluation; it is in this time that you see where those hidden emotions that you have compartmentalized are rearing their vibrations and can make your creation back fire on you… but, only in the way of you not seeing that you have to take charge. Break down those emotions you should have let go of a long time ago.

Once you have done this and you are standing in the truth about allowance, you will be so in charge of your life and your life experiences that you shall be walking each day in the walk of joy.

Yes, you want to take charge, but you will see how you do not want anyone messing with your creations so you will begin to see why you do not want to be in control of your life, because being in control is trying to get other god beings to play with you in a certain way. Not allowing them to learn how to read their emotions, or how they can learn to walk in their own sequences. You will begin to see how detrimental it is to be in the way of another god beings lessons and walk here on this earth plane. You will do everything in your power to get out of their way. [please note, I am making a distinction here between being ‘in charge’ and being ‘in control’!]

If you look from your heart, you will see how well-minded people got in your way. You will be a true Guardian as you begin to simply share the truth about their stories for them as your Guardian has done for you. So again, learn to take the steps to learn from your Guardians. Practice feeling those internal knowings, make the decision about what you are going to do with your knowing so that you can begin to make choices to support that decision. In that, you will then have a wonderful physical experience which will allow you to evaluate the experience and then you begin the process over to release yourself from those compartmentalized emotions.

As you become clearer, your creations will become closer together and you will begin the beautiful walk into the Universal Joy right here, right now

Happy practicing, always remember practice, practice,  practice. Practice always makes you better at the knowings, decisions, and choices that you make in your life each and every moment of the day.






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