The Filter of Your Story

storyPart of communication, the truest form of communication, has to be the way that you think and talk about the lessons and the way you make your choices and for the reasons that you are making them and learning and growing into the god being of Universal Truth.

Accepting your communication in truth for yourself allows you to see your stories are the only things that are truly clogging your filter. It is through that clogged filter that you see how people are interacting with you. That is why you have the emotions and why at times it seems so difficult to have people see that you have changed. Like when you are going home for the holidays and your family can not see you in any other way than the way they’ve always seen you.

You have a filter of the stories you have about growing up and with the people and how they interacted with you. Your story holds for you the reasons you feel the way you do.

Spend some time this week looking at your stories and try holding them up to the light of truth… you might be surprised at what is revealed.





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