The Difference Between Decisions and Choices

decisions-choicesCan you tell the difference between making decisions from your heart of hearts and making choices? Or do you have the understanding that choices are the same as making a decision?

A decision is a selection between possible actions. Those actions are determined by how your internal heart feels about the action step. A choice is the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options. Those options are brought to you as soon as you have made your decision and feel strong about it.

The choices are so very clear once you have the heart-felt decision made. That is when you see your life change and change very quickly. You can see in a matter of minutes whether your choice supports your decision or walks you away from it.

Of course the choice is always yours. Once you begin to use this process correctly and you see your life is changing you will begin to understand how your life has always been in your hands. It frees you up immediately from looking outside of yourself. From feeling powerless or at someone else’s beck and call.

How often have you felt so sad and alone? You will never feel that way again once you begin making decisions simply from your heart of hearts. It allows us to see how harmful it is when we try to think or assume we should be making our choices off of someone else’s decisions.

Yes, we are constantly feeling lost and unhappy if we are living a life off of someone else’s decision. Instead, go deep inside of yourself. Stop and look at the life style you are living. Is it what you would choose if you were all by yourself? If not, then you are living off of someone else’s decision.

Okay, so you live alone, how can you be living off of someone else’s choices? Easy, how many times do you do something from rote conditioning? Who did you pick it up from? Is it a religious reason? How about it was how your parents did it so you do to. Your friends do it and instead of making waves you just go along with it? Or you do not want conflict in your life and it is just easier to not have your spouse or significant other upset? Or your children need it so you think, since I brought them in to this world I am responsible for their needs.

There are so many more excuses for denying ourselves what we need that I could spend this whole blog just listing them. You must learn to hear, in that first nano second, what your internal heart says. Follow that and no other voice… it will lead you to your heart needs and then not only is it so very easy to make the decision but the choices that you make to support it will be as easy as the decision was.

Then you will see instantaneous change in your world, yes and you will see that the power of the change was in your decision for self. The choices were so easy and the magic just flowed through your veins. It is now that you will always be in control of your life and the wonderful experiences that you begin to have.

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