the dangers of instant gratification

When one starts to feel the kind of satisfaction and happiness that sustains itself without having outside scenarios be the reason for your happiness, you are no longer waiting for instant gratification. Now you are beginning to understand what it means to stand in the Universal truth. It is there for all of us to have .

The process can be arduous, or it can be a quiet and gratifying expression of the love that is so deep it is part of the Universe itself .

The part I look forward to the most, is the layers of getting to see and know myself, layers that I looked at when I was very young. It is amazing to see how they continue on like threads through our lives. We forget them, but to sit in Universal love we begin to see them in a new light. It gives you a soft, sad, new term, meaning you may feel sad at the thoughts that you give up… the pieces of yourself that were so dear and you so needed then.

Now we start to recognize that it was a fear of standing by ourselves for a brief moment in time, so that we could begin to feel what it felt like all on our own. So, as we continue to walk forward, the energy we are standing in will bring forth the experiences of these new feelings and not fall back into the old we have so recently walked out of… hence, seeking instant gratification is so very dangerous to our healthy spiritual growth.

We must take our time, we must feel our Internal Being who is just beginning to spread those wings. Feel the stretching of the new wings as you open them for the first time. We must allow ourselves to feel the love that comes from our internal being as we gain the insights that are going to allow only the purest form of love to flow from us to the Universe… that it can then send back to us in kind… the purest, deepest love for us to experience in our physical lives.

This process is lost when we say, “I want it and I want it now”… give yourself the blessing of time… Of finding who you are… Of finding what you let go of.

That is the only way you will ever allow yourself to have again the beautiful Being you are… It is glorious to be here. I would love to share this love with each and every one of you…

Agree with me? Challenge me? I would love to hear from you   .. have a wonderful day and into the evening tide…

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