The Art of Deflection

Let’s talk about the art of deflection. What is deflection and why have you made it an Art form?

The common understanding of deflection is: Deviation from a plotted course. So when you deflect information that you have prayed for, asked your family and friends for, you are moving away from the path you planned for yourself.

The way you most often deflect is when you are trying to get your point across to someone else. So, now you probably want to know in more detail what I am talking about.

I know that most feel that in communication with someone else they are supposed to come to a place where they agree with you… That truly is not communication, that is a form of bullying.

Yes, it is. When you truly think about why we have feelings and emotions, you understand it is a very quiet walk with self. Can others understand, have empathy, have done and felt the same things? Yes, of course, but, that does not mean they are going to agree with the steps you took to get there.

Also, consider those people who agree just so they do not have to share their true self. So what happens when someone is having a conversation with you and you have a point to make. If you are doing so in the light that the information given back is for you to learn about yourself, then you will truly have communications… but still, it is about you, and only you.

You are the one that is learning about you. Deflecting, is when you begin to hear things that are twanging you vibrationally. That twang is what you are trying to deflect. You do not like the way that twang is feeling so instead of pulling up your bootstraps right there, taking a deep breath and talking about those feelings, you throw in some nonsense comment about the other person.

Generally it is so off the subject that you take the other guy totally by surprise. Now what they should say back is “Wow, that is not the subject we were talking about and if you desire to continue this conversation then let’s get back to what you were talking about.”

That of course does not happen, that person goes on the defensive and then tries to defend something else and you have now lost the opportunity to gain insights and understandings of why you are running away from that first initial twang.

To top it all off you have walked away blaming the other person for always picking on you…

If for any reason you feel you are not being heard or understood, you may want to look at the fact that any and all information that is coming at you is information that could change your concepts and ideas about the question your are asking. You are deflecting away from yourself…
Delrae J Bantz

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