The Art of Communication with Self

Do-you-want-to-meet-the-love-of-your-life-Look-in-the-mirror.Lets talk about the difference between talking and the art of communication.

I am pretty sure that each of you have come to an understanding that men and women speak different languages. That it is a miracle that we are doing as well as we are today in this world where you can have any information you desire just by going on the internet. Yet do you have the skill to communicate to yourself about the deep and carefully guarded secrets you hold about yourself?

Those secrets that you have written about your life history, the story that you have about the wrongs that have been done to you by others? This is where the crux of the matter is sitting. You have some pretty intense emotions about your growing up. Even if you feel you had a very normal life growing up I can say you still have intense stories hidden and guarded. I can say this simply because you are feeling at a loss about how to be in charge of your life.

Now hopefully you have been reading my blogs so you are aware that communication for self has to have a lot of empathy for the choices you made in the past. So you can tell yourself and show yourself that you did make each and every choice that has led you to the un-happy state that you are in right now. You have been telling yourself that you can live with what you are in right now.

It is that kind of mind talk that will have you walk away from your life. You will simply create the loop of never ending unhappiness. You will come to that place where you make the choice to go into a state of limbo, where you will just wake up, go to work, interact but not ever feel true happiness and joy. Your mind will say to you, “It is what it is!” That is a major cop out and it makes me very sad when I hear people use terms like that to describe the situation they are in.

If you are saying things like this please Stop, Look, and Listen to your internal dialog. This is the very place you must begin to create a new mantra for yourself. You must learn to evaluate your choices and walk through the life experience and then evaluate how you felt during the experience but you must tell yourself the truth! This is where you must learn to communicate from your core heart and not from your intellect, which says it was okay. You should never accept that you had an okay life experience. NEVER ! ! !

You must communicate with yourself so that you can see if you truly desire to interact with those god beings, did you at all get triggered or upset during the experience? You must remember you made the choice to participate. Do not let guilt and obligation dictate to you who and when you must participate with others.

It is your responsibility to take a look at why you are choosing to participate in your life in areas where you are not happy. It is your accountability to change those areas of your life that you are not happy in. It is you and you alone that accepts being un-Happy!

Choose to communicate with yourself and follow up by only allowing the experiences that bring you happiness and joy all the time, not once in awhile …………..





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