Taking Time Out of Our Daily Lives

Once we have come  to a place where we are no longer sustaining  happiness in our every day lives, we must stop and take stock of where our thoughts and feelings are. It is right here where we should begin if and only if we need real change in our lives.

It is not easy to change in a single day. Thoughts and feelings that we have continued to keep, whether we wish to admit to ourselves that they are holding us back or not, have become our dearest friends. Yet if our lives feel hopeless, then we must begin to really hear where our thoughts and stories have brought us.

It is common knowledge that we are in charge of our thoughts. So, this is where we should begin. For whatever reason, we have chosen, and we must take it upon our selves  to come to the space with love that we have chosen, our stories and our thoughts for the very specific reason to experience the very things that we are experiencing.

To change the experience we must change the stories that we tell ourselves every day. We must begin to realize it is the sad stories that we tell ourselves so very often; the very sad thoughts, these are the reasons why our lives are like they are. That is the very reason we are still experiencing those things we’re experiencing right now.

I have my students start ‘journaling’ and then we spend much of our time talking about the thoughts that they are having. It is so they can begin to see that with any one story, that it can be told in very many ways. Then they get an understanding that they have been taking their story very personally.

That they themselves can  change that very story without having any one else in their lives change, yet their very lives change.

I have watched it time and time again. As each of my students comes to this very understanding their feelings about their lives change.

The every day people in their lives also comment on the changes they make. Which gives the students the confirmation that this is working. Which in turn gives them the encouragement to continue learning and taking charge of their thoughts.

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