Taking Physical Steps Toward Happiness

Taking Physical Steps to Change Your LifeHow do you, as a new student in communicating with one’s self and learning to really hear and begin to make changes, begin the communications with the children in your lives that we have now acting out because of you not taking the physical steps that were necessary to create the happiness in your heart.

Of course the best way is to remember this… do not deal with the emotional state of the child. What do I mean? Well, as a parent become aware that the children that are being born onto this planet and have been in the last twelve years, are coming in with a different DNA program. They do not hold any kind of guilt.

That does not mean, however, that they will not play the guilt card on you. They will learn how to use that guilt card really quickly and because you are busy being parents and not Guardians you are feeling guilty.

That is really funny if you take the time to think about it. Yet you do have to remember you parented… you did not become the Guardian your child truly needed, so now there is clean up to do.

The first thing you will desire to do is to start really watching how your child or children are acting. In their behavior, and this is where it may get a little tough on your ego. Yes, because the interactions that they are portraying have been modeled to them by you, yes you and your spouse, significant other etc.

Okay, say your child seems to feel they can yell at you when you are trying to show them their behavior is unsuitable.  Now look at the relationship between you and your spouse. Have you been the kind of personality that has allowed the other person to simply be rude to you and you choose not to fight back per say or to say anything just to keep the peace?

So then is it a surprise to you that your child or children would not use the same tactic on you as they see the other parent using on you? Think about this please. Especially when you know you are not in a happy scenario but you are telling yourself you are going to stay for your children’s sake. This is how subtle talking is vs true communications.

“Oh my” you might be saying now, “how am I going to fix this mess?” Well, the first step is taking the steps you have known you should be taking. You have to take them, not talk yourself out of taking them by telling yourself whatever it is you are using for an excuse… i.e. you can not because of money, or you’re afraid, or you never have been on your own. Those tactics are what got you where you are today.

So now take your first steps to make yourself happy and safe. Then you can share, through truth in your communications, with your children how the new you, along with them, are going to begin this new part of your life. It will be an uphill walk, but it is doable and you will have the results you desire in the end.





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