Taking Accountability

One of the first things that you must learn about this world and how we fit into it is that we have such awesome power. That power lies within your keeping of your heart. This Universe fills every need you have.

That is… if you sit in the feeling about the need you have held in your heart. And you have to look at the truth about why you are having that need. In order to get to the truth you have to work through all the opinions and hurts, the whys and the why not’s.

I am not talking about positive affirmations, they have their place in our lives, but not when we are trying to fill our needs on a daily basis.

You must take stock of your feelings. You must look at the bad ones. You must break them down and learn to understand where you wrote a story about those bad feelings.

Please understand one thing… those feelings that are bad are really called emotions. That simply means you are to look at them until you have a greater understanding of why you felt the need to have them and then once that occurs you let them go from you .

The real power for self is in the fact that you take the accountability that all, and I mean all, of your life experiences were sent out from your feelings and you then had the physical experience you call your life.

So, do you see why it is so important for each of you to take charge of knowing your true feelings? The Universe is matching any and all of your feelings and you get to then have that be what your life is. If you do understand why you are having only anger in your life, look at your heart… and ask why you have to be angry.

This is the place that really can set you free in an instant. Yet so many people I work with get stuck here. You must not let your thoughts about why you have not looked here, in this part of your heart, with truth and love for yourself, get in the way. It is here where our greatest judgments are.

We are claiming it is about someone else that we have these angers and hurts. Once you get to the point where you do know it was really when you hurt yourself by not making the choice that was the very best for you, then you will be free. It’s important for you to be accountable for the fact that you made the easy choice, which you claimed was out of love for that other person.

You can find the changes in your feeling about you… which in turns leads to new feelings in your heart, which leads to new experiences in your life.






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