Take Your Power Back!

takebackpowerWhat is the biggest question I hear from my clients and students as they get ready to make a change in their lives?

I am afraid!

That’s it, yet when I then in turn ask them what they are afraid of they tell me they do not know.

My response to, “I do not know” is yes.   you.   do.  …you just do not want to say it out loud due to ridicule; Someone laughing at us or even worse telling us that was stupid.

Think about this.

Every time someone in your world, whether it was your Parents or Teachers, even Spouses and Friends, ridicules you for the changes you’re making you get to choose, believe what they say, or stick to your decision to change.

Yes, there have been times when we tried to share ‘The Why’, that someone, somewhere, judged us harshly and this made us feel bad. Take your power, and you life, back. Make a decision from truth and then make choices that line up with that decision… no matter what!

P.S. I am back in the Western WI/Twin Cities MN area and would love to get together with you and a few of your friends if you’re in the area. If you might be interested in hosting a small gathering in your home let’s schedule it ASAP. More info HERE

I also offer personal One on One sessions. These are hour long private sessions in which you privately meet with me by phone to ask questions, gain clarity and receive guidance. It’s like your very own ‘personal teleseminar’!

You can use your session to receive guidance and teaching on anything you desire.

The sessions are accessible in person or through Skype.

For more info and to reserve your private One on One Session with me, go to:
Schedule a Session with Delrae

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