Take the Time to Find the Truth for Yourself

truth-discoveredThere is only one way to truly find your value, your worth, and the love and joy that you desire and deserve to experience. The acceptance that you take the time to find the truth for yourself. What does that mean… take the time? Those words, ‘take the time’… does that sound like beyond what your life style can handle? Are all the responsibilities that you have accepted weighing you down? So how do you then take back time for the spiritual walk you are embarking on?

At first you will want to begin learning how to have a dialog with yourself; whether it is when you are in the shower, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, when you are in the car driving to and from work or the grocery store. Those times you might have, in the past, been on the phone while you were driving or listening to talk radio. This is the time you can at first take just for you.

Have your question on the table that you would like to begin unraveling. Get use to talking to your Elders. As you do you will begin to have a familiarity with them and you will get very comfortable beginning to trust them just as you begin to trust that your questions can and do get answers. In the beginning you will see things that are right on and things that you know for sure are not the truth. These things happen because you have stories in place that do not always support the Universal Truth that you are accountable at all times in all instances. That you have walked this far unconscious and it will take you some time to walk back the way you came to come back to the beginning point where the truth can always flow through you.

The one thing that I have always advocated for is you must always challenge all the information that is coming to you so that you can learn how to trust that very inner voice of your high self and the direct connection to your divine god essence. That is when you will feel the power and love and joy of you being the one in charge, not control, of your existence here on this glorious planet.

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