Take accountability and responsibility for each thought

responsible for actionsOkay, a question that has probably crossed your mind is… “If I am not supposed to live in my past stories, because by doing so I am carrying that energy into my future and my day to day life experience, how do I then look at my stories and not get stuck creating the same old energy over and over again?”

Well I hope you have had these questions on your mind. This is a good sign that you are becoming aware of how your thoughts are here to help prepare you for the next opportunities in looking at and being ahead of your experience instead of always looking at it after you have crossed your own boundaries.

The way to find out how you have been creating through misguided thoughts, opinions, and beliefs, because of your old stories is to work only in the present time when finding out how you think about the one thing on your mind. That will bring to your consciousness the story in the past that allowed the experience. With the belief and opinion about the choice you made the very first time you crossed your own boundary.

Do not compartmentalize today’s experience from that past story. Look at the story and see how it is still affecting the vibration around the choices you are now becoming aware of today. As you do so more and more stories from the past will come up for you so you can, with your own being, see how you and only you have created the pattern that keeps you from standing whole and complete in your life today.

Now once you begin to see how those stories have affected your life today you can take charge and work on how to make different choices by accepting those thoughts that run through your mind and putting them on the scale. By putting both good and bad thoughts on your scale you will see the why’s and the why not’s very clearly.

You will begin to see, by evaluating those thoughts, not just some of them but each and everyone that comes to you, how you begin to feel in charge and ahead of the game.

You will see, even though there may be chaos all around you with the people you know and love, it will not touch the core of you .

You will still have those emotions that make you human. You will at times feel sad because of choices that others make around you. You will see how they have every right to make those choices as you did when you made yours.

You will lose the concept of fear, because you will be able to go back and see when you and only you allowed yourself to be put in harm’s way. How you consciously made the choice to go into the danger knowing full well what you were doing. You made the choice to either repeat the pattern with someone else or you in the financial scenes did not use common sense about your flow, which is a whole other article which I will share later.

This is the way you take accountability and responsibility for each thought, each word, and each and every physical step that you have taken and will take upon this glorious Earth.





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