You can literally change your life by simply paying attention

Stones--career-life-balanceA question that is often asked is “How do I know when it is my small inner child or a learned behaviour that is affecting my internal choices?” I do want to talk about how¬†each of us have several emotions and then a true feeling/knowing that goes on within our heart and mind as we are asking for new experiences. There is no greater gift we can give ourselves than to be able to see up front and personal how the little child and our learned behaviours are only visible when we are beginning to take charge of our emotional well being. That is because our learned behaviours are incorporated to support a small inner child that at a very early age, because of a story we lived through, without having a Guardian walk with us through the experience so that even as a tiny child we are shown when we could of made a different choice and how that different choice would have¬†showed us how differently the story could’ve been.

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