Choosing for SELF!

walkinglabyrinthOkay, you have just made some choices and you were in the mindset of ‘I am going to teach this person finally how to really communicate with me.’ You are in such excitement you do not think about anything except the joy that this one person that you have chosen must see you for who you are. You are so excited that you can hardly contain yourself. You have done it, you have learned how to stand in your boundaries with this person you have deemed as the one that can validate you and when they see the light of your font of wisdom you will know you have finally made your mark. Continue reading

Are You Ready?

are-you-readyAs you continue to look at all the tools you can use as you evaluate before you have a physical experience, you are actually preparing ahead of time. How many times, as you are beginning to take control of your life, have you wanted to kick that spirit pillow? As you asked yourself, “Why am I always seeing later what I could have done before hand?”

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Integrity vs Self Honor

true-selfAs you continue to walk forward you are going to find yourself, time and time again, having to choose from what you consider your integrity, and what I call your internal self honor. This is going to be the hardest shackle for you to unfasten from the choices for your heart only.

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Use Your Feedback Effectively

When you make a choice and you receive negative feedback what should you do about it? The first thing I suggest is look at the choice itself. The problem of negative feedback is you so often get lost in the way the feedback is demonstrated back to you.

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“I am the only one that can affect my movement forward”

Until I learned that the only thing getting in the way of my true understanding, and the ease of this walk, was me…  my life was really hard to live with. No pun intended. I felt the heavy, heavy burden of carrying the weight of my job, my family and the relationship between my husband and I. Then, I really got a grasp on what my feelings were doing to how I was experiencing my life. Continue reading