Getting to the root

rootsAs you are looking at a part of your experience make sure that you always connect it to one of the tools that I have been sharing with you. Such as… asking yourself did you respond because of what was said or done or did you react because of a learned behaviour or maybe it was because that little child within you flared up and reacted before you could truly look at what was actually happening?

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Lining Up With a New Style of Living

candlesWhen the world looks beautiful and everything is going your way do you now take the time to find out what you did, how you were feeling and the people you met and opportunities that came your way? This is one of the most important times to go back take the time to evaluate the whats, wheres and whys.

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The importance of making choices that support your decision

making-decisionsWhen a decision is made it is imperative to only make choices that support your new decision. What I see is once a client or student makes a life changing decision, they seem to feel that they have to hedge their bets with those people that they live and interact with.

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Say YES to change!

say-yes2Why does it seem when you think you have a handle on your life, you have a direction and you feel good about the direction you are going and the choices that you are making, you wake up one day and all holy hell has broken loose in your life?!?

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When is it my turn?

My turn. Why do I write these two words?

This is something that at a certain point of working with the understanding of responsibility and accountability, everyone comes and asks me about.

It is a time when my clients and students have been with me for a while and they are learning how to begin to fill their own needs. They are taking the responsibility of seeing their needs and filling them. Yet they have not quite understood how to let go of the idea that the other person showing up around an issue in their life is not stepping up also. Continue reading