Stand Up for Your New Walk

stand-upWhen you are learning to stand up for the new walk that you are taking what do you do when you find that those around you are now using your vulnerability as you learn to share the deeper parts of who you are?

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How can I have ‘leaking’ energy?

leakingenergy-800x552Let’s talk about that thing called ‘leaking energy’. I have spoken about how our words and catch phrases can be the very things that have you stall out your creative process. So let’s look at what else can have you lose your balance of your internal honor. Let’s consider the thoughts you are having in trying to be nice and help out others, not make it tough on them.

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Pay Attention To Your Energy

I have been working with some small gatherings and a lot of the questions that arise are really about how to have faith in yourself. How do you know which voice is the right voice to listen to? People worry about listening to the ‘wrong’ voice.

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Listening to Inner Guidance

Can it be possible to love yourself the same as falling in love for the very first time? I say not only is it possible but it is Necessary in order to have a long and happy life here. It is possible to reach the heavens and experience that peace and tranquility right here, right now.

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Learning to love self

The more I began to realize that my mind chatter was all the voices that pushed me past my own boundaries as I was growing up, the more I began to see that there was and is a way of unraveling and truly quieting the chatter . There comes a time when the mind chatter fades away all together; Where the only voice you will hear is the one that is the true voice of your internal God essence.

How did I find this out? Well, I cannot say that it is easy, unless you are ready to change. Once that is the walk that a person is taking , you really do learn to hold yourself accountable in a way that always puts you first in any scenario. Some people call this selfish. I have always called it, Self  is necessary. I say this over and over to my clients and students . For without you what is there? Continue reading

Recognizing Our Internal Truth.

I spend a lot of time with my students on finding and holding our/their own voice.

How do we really know what we are hearing is the truth for us? This is probably the hardest thing for us to become sure of. One of the reasons is we had parents raise us and not guardians. I will repeat this over and over again. Because we need to learn to become the guardian for self now. Continue reading

The secret to who you are.

As I began to study in the ‘new age’ section of the book store, I was amazed at all these inspirational books that were out there. I would read through them with a hunger for new knowledge. After each book I read I would be so disappointed. They were all saying the same thing. Yet not one of them told me how to find the secret. Continue reading