How do you stand up for yourself?

stand up for yourselfI have had a lot of conversations about when you are learning to be in the Universal truth, and how do you stand up for yourself and not fall victim to your emotions and learned behaviors? These are outstanding questions and ones that each and everyone of us that lives on this planet really must learn and understand. It also brings up the question of compromise. How here it means one gets less than the other.

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This world will support your walking your god essence upon the Earth herself

This world will support your walking your god essence upon the Earth herselfWhen you are learning to follow your heart it can seem that you are walking away from everything you know and love. Yet ask yourself, why is your heart leading you in a direction that is so totally opposite of what you have been doing up to this moment?

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It’s not the people in your life that are the issue

Picture15I have been asked the question many times, How do I come up with questions that are going to have me begin to understand how all this works? As a matter of fact, this weeks class homework is to come back into class next Wednesday evening having 10 questions of a generic nature that they can use to start breaking down any and all of their physical life experiences.

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Express to yourself what your needs are

accept responsibilityI am spending a lot of time on the concepts talking to one’s self vs the true form of communications with one’s self. I know you use words that formulate into sentences and you then use these sentences as a form of talking with those around you. Do you get frustrated when those around you either did not hear your talking or they did not understand what you were expressing to them, which then ended up having a misunderstanding between you and them?

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Quick to Deflect

deflectionWhy have we become so quick to deflect from any emotional or bad feelings when interacting with people? When you walk in the Universal Truth, you have come to an understanding where you realize the following – you make a choice, you have a physical experience, and then you analyze the physical experience to see if you would repeat any of the sequence steps that led you to have the physical experience.

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Peace makers: Nice (part three)

So, in the last post we talked about the fact that you were there and you sent out the energies to be there. Your thought role was to be nice. So what does that mean to you today after what we have been talking about? Did you sit back and do nothing as the drama was unfolding? If so, were you being nice to yourself? Yes, that is exactly what I said, were you being nice to yourself?

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Peace makers: does being ‘Nice’ serve? (part one)

As I am sitting here thinking about what I am going to write in my blog today, I listen to the sounds around me. The music that is playing… It helps me tune into the internal truth of self. What is the one thing that makes today different in what I should express and will open up the door for someone right now?

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How I came into my knowings.

Like all of us here I was born. We all are. It is part of the physical experience that we need to have. It would be too great a shock to our make up if we just walked away from the All.

By being born we slowly eliminate the amount of the all that we are in. We must become aware of how different the energies are here on this plane. Continue reading